Happy Halloween?

Halloween, you and I go way back. Some years, we’ve had a blast — like the year a group of friends went out together and saw a great 80s cover band, and taking the day off last year to hang out with my then-roommate and make apple cider donuts in our pajamas.

Other years, you’ve let me down. I’m still waiting on an apology for 1991, when you were canceled — CANCELED!?!? — because of a huge blizzard. (It isn’t like you’ve never experienced a Nebraska winter before… come on. There was candy to be had!)

And now, I hear rumors you might be standing me up again because of Hurricane Sandy. Seriously? Oh. No. I will have none of that.

Well… I hadn’t intended to host a Halloween party this year, but if I have power and my friends don’t, come on over. :)

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